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Top 10 digital marketing agencies in the UK 2022

1) Arthur London

Arthur London is an independent, integrated creative agency creating powerfully simple ideas for brands across financial services. They believe in, turning simple brand truths into powerful creative platforms, delivering transformative results across channels and markets for brands, from start-ups to global players.

Services offered:




Arthur X

2) Clever Marketing

At Clever Marketing, the number one web design company in the South East, we know that websites can be complex, that’s why we offer a free, no-strings attached website evaluation and consultation to help you uncover any challenges and areas for opportunities. We will assess the following:

  • SEO: Is your website optimised with the correct keywords?
  • Responsiveness: Does your site respond across all devices?
  • User Experience (UX): Are users doing what you expect them to?
  • Analytics: Is Google Analytics set up and working properly?
  • Security: Your website is secure and compliant, right?
  • Speed: Is your site fast enough on all devices?

Get in touch and set out on the road to a high-performing website today!

3) MAKE Agency

A safe pair of hands

Make is a young, tight-knit and fast growing team of professionals, specialising in the latest website development and digital marketing trends.

Our team is experienced in creating high-impact digital solutions that get results. We work with brands & organisations across the world to develop digital products and creative marketing that supports their business goals.

Do you need a stunning, high performing website or digital campaign? That ranks highly in search results? Moves with the times and, more importantly, engage people, helps you sell more and generates new business?

We can make it happen.

Services offered:

Social Media
Creative Content
Paid Marketing
Search & SEO

4) Pixated

We’re a performance marketing and web design agency with a proven track record for scaling up some of the most exciting brands.

With a team of experienced in-house specialists at hand, we are the go-to agency when it comes to crafting high-converting campaigns geared towards generating the best ROI for ambitious brands around the world, freeing them up to focus on what they are good at.

We have all the experience and industry-leading know-how needed to transform your online performance into something to be proud of. With significant upturns and consistent results characterising your impressive, new-look online presence, you’ll be delighted with the results.

Services offered:

Facebook Ads

PPC Advertising

Creative Web Design

5) Kayo Digital

Whether you’re looking for website design servicesdigital marketing services, including our Kent SEO expertsbespoke software applications or an app we have the expertise and processes to help your business evolve and develop. Get in touch today.

A lot of agencies like to think they’re evidence-based but they’re usually paying this lip service, rather than following a process. This is where we are different.

Services offered:

Digital Marketing

Web Design

Software Development


Mobile App Development

Digital Marketing Audit Services

6) Wildfire

From Liverpool to Lisbon, Dublin to Dubai, Wildfire work with some of the biggest names in hospitality, living, leisure, sport and retail to deliver outstanding destinations that place guests, audiences, fans and customers at the core. 

It is this user centric approach that led us to develop an exclusive working practice – whatever the project or sector, we consistently utilise a unique combination of four stages that are implemented singularly or as a package to suit.

This unique working method allowed Wildfire to assemble a cohesive group of creatives drawn from the specialisms of strategy, brand and environment and unite in the singular belief of:


Services offered:







7) Sanders + Jay

We invest time in getting to know a business from the inside out, so that we completely understand your message and vision which allows us to deliver outstanding visuals.

Whether you are looking to evolve your existing brand or create a new proposition, our team of designers can bring your vision to life. 

Branding Services include:

+ Brand Ideation & Development

+ Brand Strategy & Workshops

+ Logo Design

+ Creative Concepts and Ideation

+ Copywriting & Content Creation

+ Corporate Literature and Brochures

+ Photography & Videography

+ Print Production

8) Spotless.

We are a Service Design agency based in London. We generate insight to guide business process and design decision making.

From touchpoints to services

Spotless was set up in 2004 with the aim of improving people’s experiences with services. After several years supporting businesses with their digital touchpoints, we observed that many issues stemmed from other points in a customer journey. We now work with businesses to innovate outstanding, value‐added services for their customers.

Boutique and unique

Being boutique is integral to our success. We offer a tailored, bespoke service. We move swiftly, and are more hungry to do better. We are not resting on a big reputation.

Delivering value to people through innovating or improving systems, communication and material components of a service across every touchpoint.

  • Methods
  • ‘A day in the life’ research
  • Expectation mapping
  • Design workshops
  • Service role play
  • Outputs
  • Service blueprints
  • Service prototypes
  • Storyboards
  • Design scenarios
Services - Service Design

Business innovation

Designing more effective processes to increase your competitive advantage and likelihood of success.

  • Methods
  • Heuristic analysis
  • The 5‐whys
  • Shadowing
  • Stakeholder interviews
  • Outputs
  • Business canvas model
  • Stakeholder maps
  • Value proposition
  • Customer lifecycle maps
Business Innovation

Design research

Observing and understanding people and how they interact with products and services provides a solid foundation for any project.

  • Methods
  • Ethnographic research
  • Contextual enquiry
  • Service safari
  • Trend analysis
  • Outputs
  • Personas
  • Competitor review
  • Customer journey maps
  • Service process flow
Design research

Experience strategy

Defining a customer experience vision and aligning activities and success criteria to create better experiences, resulting in happy customers, and healthy businesses.

  • Methods
  • Stakeholder workshops
  • Co‐Creation workshops
  • Value proposition
  • Think‐aloud testing
  • Outputs
  • Experience roadmap
  • Touchpoint maps
  • Importance/difficulty matrix
  • Measurement criteria
Experience Strategy

9) Auto Web Design

Automotive Digital Marketing Services

Here at Autoweb Design, we are a full service automotive digital marketing agency, offering marketing solutions to complement your website hosting. We have digital marketing specialists across SEO, PPC, UX Design and Email Marketing.

We understand the importance of automotive digital marketing solutions, especially now that the majority of consumers head online before visiting a dealership. Traditional marketing is still very much alive and well, but consumers want information at their fingertips, when they need it, so being present online is more important than ever before.

Digital marketing doesn’t have to cost the earth, but we strongly believe that if you want to get ahead of your competitors, you need a solid digital strategy, which is why we created affordable automotive digital marketing solutions that are suitable for everyone.

Services offered



AutoAds is Autoweb’s own Pay Per Click product which runs directly from your stock feed, generating up-to-date ads from your product inventory.


Email Marketing

Email Marketing is one of the highest converting forms of digital marketing as you are directly targeting existing customers who know your brand and business model.


Facebook Advertising

Facebook is one of the fastest growing and most used social media platforms, so why not capitalise on their audience to increase visits to your website?

Pay Per Click

Pay Per Click

Pay Per Click advertising suits those who want quick but short lived results, for example advertising an event.

Car Dealer SEO Services

Search Engine Optimisation

Search Engine Optimisation is a vital part of building a brand and being visible on Google. Your content and structure should be optimised for Search Engines.

UX Design

UX Design

By focusing on both the UI and UX simultaneously in our latest technology, we have noticed our clients’ websites are performing much better for them and are solid converters

10) Genero

We are a full-service Nordic growth marketing powerhouse where hard work meets strong values. We combine creativity and technology based on strategic insights to deliver the best results for our customers.

Our growth story

In 2009 three students from Pietarsaari had an idea. They wanted to change the way marketing was done – to make it more efficient, transparent, and measurable. Their bold idea was to sell results, not merely promises. The idea started to grow, and that’s how Genero was born. 

We have never wanted to be just another marketing agency; we have always wanted to do things differently. The idea of growing companies by creating growth teams of web developers, growth hackers, creatives and content specialists has been the driving force of our business since day one. We wanted to create a company we could be proud of. That’s why when working with our clients we always ask ourselves, “What would we do if this was our business?” 

During the past decade, we have grown together with our customers. What started as an idea of three guys is now a business of over 100 employees. But the mission remains the same: to continue to drive the passion for change. Today we are proud to work with very different clients from all areas of business who all have one thing in common: the relentless courage and ambition to grow, just like us. 

Services offered:

For more Digital Marketing services check out https://digibiz.uk/



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