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February 10, 2023
Leads Generation
Car Dealership

01. The Challenge & Solution

In January 2022, a well known car dealership sought our expertise to overcome the challenges posed by high Autotrader advertising costs. The dual objective was clear – amplify leads for their car finance services and reduce advertising expenditures. Our solution involved a strategic pivot to Facebook and Instagram, harnessing the visual appeal of ads showcasing their car inventory and incorporating catchy designs. Simultaneously, we implemented a streamlined lead management process by integrating real-time updates with their CRM through Zapier.


02. Results

The outcomes of our campaigns were nothing short of remarkable. Campaign 1 delivered 327 leads at an impressive cost of £1.91 per lead, while Campaign 2 followed suit with 251 leads at £2.71 per lead. Together, they generated a total of 578 quality leads. Beyond the numbers, these leads materialized into successful deals, validating the efficacy of our approach. The cost comparison with Autotrader not only showcased our campaigns’ budget-friendliness but also uncovered additional benefits that solidified the decision to shift strategies. Importantly, this success wasn’t a one-off; our campaigns continue to deliver month after month, demonstrating the sustainability of our lead generation efforts.

03. Conclusion

In wrapping up this success story, our collaboration with this car dealership stands as a testament to the transformative power of strategic digital marketing. We not only successfully addressed the challenge of high advertising costs but significantly increased lead generation, showcasing the effectiveness of our creative, real-time, and cost-effective approach. As we celebrate the achievements of January 2022, our focus remains on client satisfaction, and our commitment to optimizing strategies persists. Looking ahead, we’re excited about the future, teasing upcoming strategies that promise to keep this car dealerships success story evolving and thriving in the dynamic realm of digital marketing. This isn’t just a campaign; it’s a journey towards sustained success.

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