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October 26, 2023
Engagement / Website Development
Merchant Funding Advance

01. The Challenge & Solution

Merchant Funding Advance approached Digibiz with a two-fold challenge. They were seeking assistance in enhancing their social media presence, particularly on Facebook, and also required the development of a new, high-performing website.


For the social media aspect, our team devised a strategy to increase engagement on their Facebook page. We crafted a 30-day paid campaign, consisting of two separate campaigns with two distinct image sets for A/B testing. This approach was designed to optimize results and connect with the target audience effectively.

In parallel, our team of skilled developers set to work, creating a brand-new website that aligned with Merchant Funding Advance’s unique identity and objectives.

02. Results

The seven-day Facebook campaign yielded remarkable results. We attracted 2,324 new likes to their Facebook page, significantly expanding their social media reach. The campaign also generated numerous messages and website inquiries, a number of which were converted into sales. You can view the campaign’s results in the images attached.

The website we developed was not just a visual overhaul; it significantly improved user experience as well. It boasted faster loading times and a user-friendly design, ensuring that visitors could easily access information and navigate the site. To see the transformation for yourself, visit their new website at www.merchantfundingadvance.com

03. Conclusion

As we reflect on the transformative journey with Merchant Funding Advance, it’s important to note that our collaboration extends beyond milestones achieved. We continue to stand by their side, shaping and enhancing their digital presence on a monthly basis.

The success of the 30-day Facebook campaign and the launch of their revamped website were not just isolated events but rather the beginning of an ongoing partnership. Our team at Digibiz remains deeply engaged, working tirelessly to refine strategies, amplify engagement, and ensure that Merchant Funding Advance’s digital footprint evolves dynamically.

As we invite you to witness the evolution at www.merchantfundingadvance.com, it’s not just a snapshot of past achievements; it’s a living testament to an enduring commitment. We are not just partners in progress; we are architects of an ongoing success story, shaping the future of Merchant Funding Advance in the digital landscape.

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